How to install WP local for WordPress

WP local or local WP is #1 WordPress development tool for free use. so if you are beginner and you want to upgrade your skills. so you are on the exact page. I will show some images how to download the Local wp you just need to open this website

just look at the right side at the very top there is download button where you download the Local WordPress hosting and the file size is 400-500mb approx. once you downloaded then you are able to host host 100 plus websites and there is no oversized virtual boxes and there will be no need for manual setting to install WordPress every thing will be installed automatically and the speed is awesome.

once you downloaded the local wp tool on your operating system then they ask you to sign up on this platform then after you will see the image and the bottom left side there is plus where you add the website just like and name then they create a username and password for your WordPress website