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Software & tools is a set of data, programs or instructions to operate the operating system of computers to execute specific tasks. it is totally opposite of hardware, which defines the physical aspects of a computer, software is organic term used to refer to applications, tools, scripts and programs that run on a device.

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Top 10 Software & Tools use in daily life

From Google to Microsoft world, here we have our 10 daily Software. which we daily use in our daily life. we use these tools daily and generally these tools helps us keep us up to date daily as much as possible so here are these software and tools below.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office or we say MS office its just like part of our life, especially MS word. because in my daily life or even 70% IT sector companies without MS word or Microsoft Office means they are on holidays. Even though some people dislike it, I really don’t know why but it works well for me. In fact, it’s very good word processing tools. So if you are trying to purchase this so definitely worth it.

2. Google Chrome

I think in this world 90% people using google chrome because it works faster and get fastest results. so in chrome have a lot of extension and add-ons helps to improve the quite results, meaning that my browser I s more effective on another browser

3. Google Apps

google apps it means you have android phone which is widely use in our world. google apps means you have 500k plus application & tools in one application likes Gmail, google chrome, hangouts which is revolutionized in this world so google apps is web-based & collaborative software as a service solution that customized. 

4. Adobe Photoshop

Photo when we click some images and trying to create some beautiful images, Graphic, Paintings & 3D network on your desktop & iPad with the help of Photoshop editor software but in professional way mainly adobe Photoshop which is mainly used in all editors to create & Photoshop the images by professionally.